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Chimney Cricket Sweeps Inc.

Chimney Cricket Sweeps Inc.
Olney, Maryland

A Cricket
on the hearth brings good luck!

PS. Contrary to popular belief, kissing a chimney sweep will NOT bring you good luck ... at least not if
I catch you. So ladies,  Please control yourself!
Signed ... Mrs. Cricket


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Chimney Cricket Sweeps Inc. was founded by Greg Joliet in 1979 in response to a growing need for consumer safety and the increasing popularity of wood burning fireplaces and appliances. 

Chimney Cricket Sweeps' mission is to educate the consumer regarding the proper use of their wood burning system, provide safe maintenance suggestions, and to schedule cleanings as necessary, to reduce the build-up of dangerous creosote in your chimney.

With over 30 years of experience and more than 10,000 chimneys cleaned, our master chimney sweep is the only sweep that will be performing your inspections and cleanings.

Chimney Cricket does not hire seasonal or part time employees. There are NO commissioned sales, NO bonus incentives to recommend questionable repairs. We do not install chimney relining systems or perform major masonry repairs.

We DO offer non-biased inspection services, honest recommendations for repairs only when needed, and reliable maintenance cleanings. We take special time and care to properly explain safe wood burning practices and make helpful recommendations to make your fireplace and wood burning appliances operate efficiently and reduce annoying problems.

We take pride in our highly professional service and excellent reputation.
To validate our top performance history, we recommend you check our exceptional ratings online with Consumer's Checkbook and other consumer rating websites. 

For a quick reference, please see our "Ratings & Reviews" link in the right menu bar.

Chimney Cricket Sweeps Inc.