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Chimney Cricket Sweeps Inc.

Chimney Cricket Sweeps Inc.
Olney Maryland

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hearth brings
good luck!

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We consider our pricing very competitive.  When calling us for a price quote, we need to know...

Are you having any specific problems with your fireplace or chimney?

Are you cleaning a fireplace, a wood stove or a furnace flue?

For Fireplaces...

What is the age of your fireplace?

Is it an oversized fireplace?

How many stories is your house?

Is it a pre-fab or masonary chimney?

For Wood Stoves...

Is it a free standing fireplace?

Is it an "insert" that slides into an existing fireplace?

Inspection Services....

We do safety inspections in addition to our cleaning services.

Moving into a new home and want to know the condition of your fireplace?

Need a second opinion regarding the safety of your chimney?

We often inspect chimneys for homeowners who have had extensive and costly repairs recommended. We can give you an honest and independent opinion regarding the condition of your chimney.  We do not sell or install expensive flue liners and we are not motivated by bonus sales commissions.
Before spending thousands of dollars, call us for a second opinion.