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Chimney Cricket Sweeps Inc.

Chimney Cricket Sweeps Inc.
Olney Maryland

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Ratings and Reviews

Chimney Cricket Sweeps is proud of its excellent reputation and quality service since 1979. As a small family owned business, we do not hire part assistants or seasonal trainees.  All sweeping is done by our master sweep who has personally swept over 10,000 chimneys.

Most of our customers come to us by way of referral from a previous customer.  In fact many of our customers  have called us year after year for the last 10-20 years. Our service and trustworthy assessments have made us popular with anyone who expects honest, friendly, and truly professional service.

If you are not fortunate enough to have a friend, home inspector or Realtor who  recommends us, you can also check out our ratings on some of the most widely known rating services in the Maryland and DC areas. As a member,  you can log in and  see how we rank compared to other chimney cleaning companies in the area!